Trump regales cannibalism

At a speech in New Jersey, real estate fraud Donald J. Trump's clearest point is that he likes a cannibal.

Having lost what remaining grasp on reality, he may have maintained, adjudicated rapist, fraud, and criminal defendant Donald J. Trump went far off the rails in New Jersey this weekend. Aside from railing on prosecutors, promises to tax foreign cars at 200%, complaints about Joe Biden's imagined involvement in Trump's raft of legal problems, and offering high praise to a cannibal, the bloated jackal also made weird noises.

"I love New Jersey, I'm here all the time," said the former President, who's running again, and has no shot of penetrating New Jersey, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a million.

"As you can see today, we're expanding the electoral map," said Trump, who does well in South Jersey, while losing the rest of New Jersey. "We are going to officially play in the State of New Jersey. We're going to win the State of New Jersey.  …I'm going to say Joe Biden, you're fired. Get out of here, Joe. He's destroying it [the country]."

Mentioning Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti, he talked about eating a hot dog.

"I wish we didn't have the press here," Trump said moments later, his voice going gravelly. "Look, fake news."

Insider NJ