Alabama bans lab-grown meat, following Florida's example

Alabama has become the second U.S. state to prohibit the manufacture and sale of meat grown in the lab from animal cells. The measure, posed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis as a global conspiracy to force Americns to eat bugs but more plainly about protecting the beef industry and cattle farmers from competition, was signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivy.

The Alabama bill, proposed by Sen. Jack Williams, vice chair of the Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee, and signed into of law on May 7 by Gov. Kay Ivy, prohibits "the manufacture, sale, or distribution of food products made from cultured animal cells." 

It'll be many years before shmeat becomes a commercially-viable product, this just makes sure none of the research or economic activity around it happens there.

Global funding for cultivated meat and seafood companies, of which there are more than 100, reached $225.9 million in in 2023 and a total more that $3 billion since 2013, according to the Good Food Institute.