For a dose of pure wholesomeness, watch Welcome to Wrexham

In between seasons of Ted Lasso, I found myself having withdrawal. I thought I was having football withdrawal, but that wasn't it, at least not entirely. A friend recommended Welcome to Wrexham, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Welcome to Wrexham is a documentary about the purchase of Wrexham AFC, a struggling Welsh football club, by stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. It's unbelievably wholesome, focusing on friendship, community, and sports bringing people together. 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have the healthiest male friendship I have ever seen. They cry, hug, and are unapologetically supportive of each other.  After a big win, McElhenney's wife turns around to celebrate with him and finds him leaping into Reynold's arms. 

He's not wrong. 

Last year, Reynolds made a music video about how to pronounce McElhenney as a birthday present. 

Wrexham, the team, and the town, seemingly inextricably linked, had fallen on hard times. The team was struggling to stay afloat, and the town was losing its sense of community. Rob and Ryan seem determined to get them both back on their feet. Their commitment is evident in the millions of dollars they have poured into the club, the stadium, the grass – you name it. 

While the show does feature a fair share of football, it goes beyond the game to introduce us to the heart of the town and its people. One fellow, who regularly appears intoxicated and belligerent in early episodes, returns in the second season, sober and coaching his sons in football. The club tries to ensure that every fan can attend and enjoy the matches regardless of their abilities. The show portrays fans with disabilities positively, without any hint of condescension. One autistic superfan sits in the "quiet" section, wearing hearing protection, with other fans who have sensitivities. The owner of the pub attached to the Racecourse, where the team plays, regularly gives his input on how the new owners are doing. 

It turned out that I mostly missed Ted Lasso's wholesome positivity, and Welcome to Wrexham fills that void perfectly. Now that Ted Lasso has concluded, I wholeheartedly recommend Welcome to Wrexham if you need something to watch that is just nice.

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