Man who looks a bit like Sting retires from his ordinary job

Tynesider Chris McGuinness looks quite a lot like the musician and actor Sting. He is retiring from his job as a ferryman, reports the BBC.

Mr McGuinness, from South Shields, and Sting met in 2010 when the singer turned up at the Shields Ferry to show an American music producer the sights of the River Tyne.

The skipper said he thought it was a "wind up" when Sting hired the ferry.

"He was great. He said I looked like his brother, and I said 'get away, I look like you, man'," Mr McGuinness said.

McGuinness eventually became the skipper of his boat. Sting, also known as Gordon Sumner, grew up in the same area and his father worked at the Wallsend shipyards. You might say they were separated at berth.

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