Trump uses racist logic to prove that Judge Juan Merchan hates him: "Just look at him!" (video)

Donald Trump pointed to hard evidence today that the judge presiding over his criminal hush money trial — Judge Juan Merchan — hates him. According to the four-times indicted ex-president, it is obvious how Merchan feels if you "just look at him."

"The judge hates Donald Trump," the criminal defendant said in the third person, momentarily forgetting that he himself was the hated Donald Trump.

"Just take a look. Take a look at him!" he instructed his MAGA base, to prove his racist point. "Take a look at where he comes from." (See post below, posted by Acyn.)

And no doubt, the MAGA mob will nod their heads in agreement with their cult leader, oblivious to the fact that the Colombian-born judge grew up in Queens — just like Trump.

So much for Merchan's gag order against Trump.