Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize Palestinian state

The IDF can seize the Associated Press's broadcast equipment to stop them reporting on the Gaza war, but it can't stop European governments recognizing Palestinian statehood. Ireland, Norway and Spain together announced they were doing so last night, reports the BBC. Israel immediately recalled its ambassadors from all three.

[Norwegian] Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said in an address that the move was "in support of moderate forces that are on a retreating front in a protracted and cruel conflict".

"This is an investment in the only solution that can bring lasting peace in the Middle East," he added, referring to the so-called "two state solution" which would see an Israeli and a Palestinian state existing peacefully next to each other. Ireland and Spain followed suit soon after.

"Today, we state clearly our unambiguous support for the equal right to security, dignity, and self-determination for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples," Irish Foreign Minister, Micheál Martin, said.

Most of the world already recognizes Palestine as a state. Rich western European countries doing it is bad news for Israel because it's an irrevocable committment to opposing U.S. policy.

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