Lara Trump tells poor MAGA folk to fork over $100 to "prove" they are "true Trump Republicans" (video)

Bible salesman Donald Trump is grifting again, this time hawking worthless "Trump black cards" for $100 a pop. (Yes, you read that right — 100 bucks for a wallet-sized card that offers nothing but a photo of Trump's mug shot.)

And again, he somehow roped daughter-in-law Lara Trump into doing the dirty work — as in the sales pitch — in which she encourages MAGA disciples to fork over their hard-earned money to prove that they "are a true Trump Republican."

"All right folks! If you are watching this today, then I have an offer you are going to love. You are looking at the very limited edition Trump black card," Ms. Trump, the recently installed RNC co-chair, says with forced pep. (Someone must have coached her after her miserable performance hawking MyPillow products last month.)

"Listen to this," she continues, tapping the card with a polished fingernail before launching into some high-pressure sales tactics to close the deal. "This sucker is metal folks! We have limited quantities of this card."

"If you want to prove that you are a true Trump Republican, if you want to prove that you want to make America great again, if you want to join us in this fight and get your hot little hands on one of these puppies today, then you are watching the right video," she says to all the poor Trumpers yearning to belong. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)

"Come join us, come be on the team, come get your Trump black card right here." Spoken like a true huckster, aka a sycophantic Trump family member.