Steve Bannon spells it out: Get ready for "the authority of Donald J. Trump" (video)

Steve Bannon is as straightforward about Donald Trump becoming an authoritarian dictator as Trump is himself, warning Democrats that "there will be accountability" if the MAGA party takes over in November.

"We mock your fear, we want your fear," the former Trump campaign manager said on his War Room podcast earlier this week, a day before Trump posted an image of a "Trump or Death" flag.

"It's going to be accountability. We are taking apart the administrative state. We're going to destroy the deep state, and we're going to hold everybody responsible that put this republic in the situation its in today," he threatened.

"Accountability, responsibility. And that will come with authority. The authority of Donald J. Trump as the 47th president of the United States." (See video below, posted by Biden-Harris HQ.)

Weirdly enough, even though Donald Trump and all of his henchmen could not be any clearer with their intention to stamp out U.S. democracy, Biden is "losing support in key Democratic strongholds and crucial swing states that solidified his 2020 win," according to Forbes. If MAGA gets their way, don't say we weren't warned.