The Biden campaign roasts Trump on his 78th birthday

Naming one awful thing convicted felon, adjudicated rapist, real estate fraud, and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump did per year he's been alive was too easy. Biden's campaign concedes it had much more to share, but it is unlikely Mr. Hamberders will make it that far.

The Biden campaign has wished Donald Trump a happy birthday today in the trolliest way possible. They listed Trump's felony convictictions, his allies who have gone to prison, that "Donald oversaw the largest single-year increase in violent crime ever recorded," his promise to pardon violent rioters, that he lost the House and Senate, that he endorsed an abortion ban, that his former vice-president won't endorse him, proposing to cut Medicare and Social Security (four times!), that he failed as a steak salesman, that "Trump Org." was convicted for failing to pay its taxes, that he's a golf cheat, that he was impeached (twice!), that he's a racist birther, that he falls asleep "a lot", and they listed his bankruptcies. And that's the shortlist.

"Damn, we hit 78, but for those wondering – Donald has 27 more felony convictions and a lot of other stuff," Biden-Harris 2024 spokesman James Singer writes. "But you know, sometimes you gotta stick to the shtick

Crooks and Liars

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