Trump's campaign threatens Republicans for fundraising off his criminal convictions

As things usually go in Donald Trump's Republican Party, the money is all his, and anyone who tries to take so much as a penny is gonna answer to The Orange Menace.

Immediately following his criminal convictions, adjudicated rapist, real estate fraud, and convicted felon, Donald Trump started fundraising. Downballot candidates also have seen an opportunity to get in on the cash grab, but Donald needs that cash for his legal bills, so his campaign started threatening other Republicans to back off.

"Donald Trump's campaign is sending a blunt message to down ballot Republicans who are looking to fundraise for themselves off of the ex-president's conviction: Back off," the outlet reported. "Trump's political operation views the guilty verdict in the New York hush money trial as a small-dollar goldmine — so much so that they are warning other Republicans not to raise money off it and siphon off money that could otherwise go to the Trump campaign."

The article goes on to quote Trump co-campaign manager Chris LaCivita, who reportedly said that, "Any Republican elected official, candidate or party committee siphoning money from President Trump's donors are no better than Judge Merchan's daughter… We're keeping a list, we'll be checking it twice and we aren't in the spirit of Christmas."

Politico states that "Trump's campaign has sent out a stream of fundraising appeals to prospective donors – one text message sent Thursday evening asked supporters to 'Stand with' Trump 'following this injustice' — with an eye toward filling its coffers."


As President Biden warns:the only way to really be rid of this fungus is to beat Donald Trump at the ballot box, again.

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