Trump currently displays "Weekend at Bernie's" energy

MSNBC's Katie Phang saw a tired, old, and frail convicted felon feeding the prosecution more ammunition when Trump took the stage last Friday, saying his performance had "Weekend at Bernie's" energy.

Immediately following Trump's criminal conviction, the media took to forecasting what the punishment would be. Judge Merchan has a pretty wide range of options available when looking to ensure Trump's punishment fits the crime. In looking for any leniency, it would behoove Trump to exercise some restraint or show remorse for his crimes. Instead, the fool blames President Biden and attacks the Court, Judge, and jury. Katie Phang is certain Trump is rapidly fading out.

"The fact that there was the defiance of the gag order yesterday, he violated it during deliberations, during opening arguments," she elaborated. "Just because you didn't see the DA's office file a motion doesn't mean it didn't happen."

"I think people need to understand, when I say that what we see is old and tired — it literally is," she explained further. "What we saw yesterday with Donald Trump had "Weekend at Bernie's' energy. I mean, he is old and decrepit and I will stand by that. He is definitely the shadow of what he was four years ago, but we cannot underestimate the danger of what he says and what he does."


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