Giraffe plucks a 2-year-old toddler out of a pickup truck at Texas wildlife park — then puts her back! (video)

A giraffe scared a Texas family as much as the family scared the giraffe when it plucked a toddler right out of a pickup truck at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

The family had stopped to admire the graceful creature, and even offered it some snacks, with the two-year-old girl's mother saying, "You want to feed the giraffe?"

Meanwhile, the tall vegetarian took one look at the tiny human and perhaps mistook her for an exotic shrub, lifting her up a few feet before realizing its mistake. All it took was a firm "Hey!" from the child's mother, and the giraffe dropped her back into the truck. (See both videos below to see the entire interaction, posted by Fort Worth Star Telegram and KWTX News 10.)

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and in fact, the toddler marched straight to the gift center before leaving the park to buy herself — you guessed it — a stuffed giraffe.

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