Porch pirates find out karma's not just a myth, it's deadly

Police responded to reports of a stolen package being tracked by GPS only to find the suspects had suffered a deadly crash.

Police in Arcadia, California, were responding at 4:35 am to a call about a stolen package. The package in question, equipped with a GPS tracking device, was easy for the Officers to follow. Surprisingly, they found a crashed vehicle with one dead and one injured passenger, also stolen mail.

The package, which was equipped with a GPS tracking device, was eventually tracked down to the 300 block of West Maple Avenue in Monrovia. Upon arriving, police discovered a single-vehicle collision.

The vehicle's two occupants were transported to local hospitals for their injuries. The driver of the vehicle was pronounced dead upon arrival, while the passenger sustained moderate injuries. 

Additional mail that appeared to be stolen was inside the vehicle, as was the stolen GPS-tracked package, police said. 

No identifying information on the suspects was released, and the contents of the stolen package are unknown. 


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