George Conway's 3 tips to liberal media on how to beat Donald Trump (video)

Conservative attorney George Conway —whose ex-wife Kellyanne Conway was Donald Trump's senior advisor — gave three pieces of advice to the liberal media on how to beat Trump.

"There is a large swathe of Republicans who are beyond persuasion, and I think we have to accept that," the former Republican-turned-Independent anti-Trumper told Daily Show host Ronny Chieng last night.

But Conway said there are also many who are "uncomfortable with Trump, and especially uncomfortable with his attempt to overthrow the government of the United States," and these Republicans could be persuaded to vote for someone other than Trump if the media keeps reminding them of key "deep concerns" about the former one-term criminal president by taking the following three steps:

1. Keep reminding the public that "he is now a convicted felon, he is an adjudicated rapist, [and] he attempted to overthrow the Constitution of the United States," said Conway, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project. "And he's just down right nuts," he added. And now that Trump, whose latest trial just ended, is on the loose during the thick of his election run, we will be seeing more and more of his nuttiness, which Conway says is a good thing. People need to see it. And speaking of his mental condition [cut to his next piece of advice]…

2. "You've got to actually say it. We have not had a full national conversation about this man's psychological condition. … He's literally nuts. … He's a narcissistic sociopath. He has narcissistic personality disorder, and…that needs to be talked about openly. It needs to be pointed out when he is doing things that meet those criteria," Conway said. Why? Because "it drives him nuts when people do that," and this creates a vicious cycle where Trump acts nuts, the media points it out, and that triggers the MAGA maniac to act even nuttier. And so on and so forth.

3. "The other thing I would recommend to liberals is don't get mad," he said. "The people who support Trump like it when liberals get mad. That's why they like Trump." Instead, Conway advises the media to repeatedly "make fun of him. You can make fun of him and mock him … laugh at him. Now, that doesn't mean you don't appreciate the seriousness of what would happen to this country."

And what might that be, you ask? "We are going to have civil disorder like you've never seen" if Trump wins.

And if Biden wins, Conway says, there are still going to be around 60–80 million people who voted for Trump, and "we still have to live with those people and we're going to have to deprogram them at some point." (See video below, posted by The Daily Show. Start at around 7:50 to see the quotes above, but the watch the entire clip if you have the time.)

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