Audio catches Supreme Court Justice Alito declaring religious crusade to reshape America

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was caught on tape declaring that Americans are divided beyond compromise, and that "one side or the other is going to win," endorsed the idea that the U.S. should get back to a "place of godliness."

His comments were recorded during the Supreme Court Historical Society's annual dinner, an event notorious for attracting right-wing activists. The undercover audio was captured by liberal filmmaker Lauren Windsor, who posed as a religious conservative.

Alito's remarks reveal that he has zero interest in judicial neutrality. Supreme Court justices are supposed to be impartial arbiters, not partisan zealots. His comments confirm what we've long suspected: he's less a justice and more a crusader for a political cause. His remarks reveal him as an ideological warrior for the Christian right, rather than an impartial interpreter of the law.

For Alito, the separation of church and state —and the entire Bill of Rights, for that matter — are just polite suggestions instead of binding principles.

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