Neighbor flags inconsistencies in Alito's story

"At best, he's mistaken, but at worst, he's just outright lying," Emily Baden told CNN of Justice Samuel Alito's recounting of neighborhood events.

Emily Baden regrets calling Martha-Ann Alito a "c*nt," but claims that didn't happen until weeks after the wife of a Supreme Court Justice flew a flag supporting the January 6th Moron Rebellion over their home. The flag-flying event spotlighted Alito's allegiance with traitors in January. The name-calling, which also resulted in Baden calling the police to complain of being assaulted by Martha-Ann Alito, took place in February.

Alito has said that his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, hoisted the flag in response to an exchange with Baden in which she at one point used the term "c*nt." But Baden said that exchange didn't happen until mid-February. The story came to light when the New York Times published a photo in May of the inverted American flag flying weeks earlier, on January 17, 2021.

Records obtained by CNN show that Baden's then-boyfriend called police on February 15, 2021, to complain about Martha-Ann Alito, accusing her of "unprompted" harassment.

The caller said they believed the confrontations were based on yard signs they had put up that were critical of former President Donald Trump.

Baden, who no longer lives in the neighborhood, described the exchange with the Alitos in sharp detail Wednesday. She said that Justice Alito "didn't do anything" as she exchanged words with his wife.

"He just kept walking," Baden said. "And basically disappeared."

Baden said she regrets using the profanity if it "distracts from that real message."


Justice Alito's claims the flag was flown in response to Baden's use of the C-word seem in correct.

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