Fact-free Marjorie Taylor Greene peddles delusional fantasy about electric cars

Noted energy expert Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the stage today to deliver one of her famous sermons on the mount of ignorance. This time Greene shared an important message for the MAGA patriots who attended her lecture. "If you think gas prices are high now, just wait until you're forced to drive an electric vee-hick-ull," she said.

That's right, Greene. The real threat to Americans' wallet isn't the oil companies raking in record profits while drivers are paying through the nose at the pump. No, it's those sneaky electric vehicles that are coming to steal your hard-earned cash and your God-given right to fill up your F-150 with dinosaur juice.

It's curious that Greene, a vocal opponent of government intervention, wants to keep us chained to an industry that guzzles down $20.5 billion a year in subsidies and tax breaks. Her brilliant plan to save Americans money involves doubling down on a finite resource controlled by cartels and petro-states.

Could it be that the oil lobby has their hand so far up Greene's backside that she's become their personal puppet?

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