Florida book banners ban book on book bans

In a place where the books sat on shelves, nice and neat,
A ruckus arose in a library just down the street.
The School board declared with a huff and a shout,
"Some books must be banned; we must throw them out!"
The children cried, "Why? We love all our books!
They take us on journeys, they teach us to look!"
But the Schoolboard was firm, its mind made up tight,
"Some stories," they said, "are just not quite right."


The Indian River County School Board voted to remove "Ban This Book" by Alan Gratz from its shelves in a meeting last month, overruling its own district book-review committee's decision to keep it.

The children's novel follows a fictional fourth grader who creates a secret banned books locker library after her school board pulled a multitude of titles off the shelves.

Indian River County School Board members said they disliked how it referenced other books that had been removed from schools and accused it of "teaching rebellion of school board authority," as described in the formal motion to oust it.

Talahassee Democrat

You would think you could not beat Florida for this stuff, but Texas is right there with them.

Book banned at a school named after its author