Biden kindly helps befuddled Speaker Johnson recall the horrifying events Trump incited on Jan. 6 (video)

People have accused both President Biden and convicted felon Donald Trump of being dotty in their older age. But it's Speaker Johnson — aka MAGA Mike — who has clearly lost his mind, completely forgetting what happened on Jan. 6.

Before Trump's visit to the Capitol today — the first time since his attempted coup — a reporter asked Johnson if he had spoken to Trump about committing to respect a peaceful transfer of power in the future. To which the befuddled speaker bizarrely responded, "Of course he respects that." (See first video below, posted by Acyn.)

So, to set the dimwitted lawmaker (and gullible MAGA disciples) straight, the Biden campaign posted a hard-to-watch reminder of Jan. 6, showing just how much Trump "respects" the United States of America. (See second video below, posted by Biden-Harris HQ.)