MAGA senate candidate's "Crime Map" turns out to just show drinking fountains

Minnesota Republican Senate candidate Royce White posted what he thought was a damning crime map of Minneapolis — but it was actually just a map of the city's drinking fountains.

As reported by Christopher Ingraham in the Minnesota Reformer, White shared a map on Twitter purporting to show out-of-control crime. However, the map originated from a sarcastic post by user @Nokomis_Dad, who quickly clarified it simply displayed drinking fountain locations.

When asked for comment, the MAGA-supporting candidate lashed out at Ingraham, calling him a "cuck," the favorite put-down among the MAGA/incel crowd circa 2015. It used to be their go-to zinger for anyone who doesn't share their worldview, because not being a sociopathic manbaby means your waifu is cheating on you. 

He also bizarrely stated, "We're leaving the plantation." White, a former NBA player, has a history of misogynistic remarks, once complaining that women have become "too mouthy." He also wrote "ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT" on his shaved head during a basketball game.

White tried to cover his tracks by deleting the post and replacing it with an actual gunshot map, which is another trick MAGA geniuses do to alter reality. In the meantime, the state's drinking fountains are trembling at the possibility of a Senator Royce "Cuck Slayer" White. Stay hydrated and stay vigilant, Minnesotans!

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