Eight facts about hemp-hating, Hitler-heiling MAGA weirdo Mary Miller

The controversial white nationalist is coming for your stoner snacks. Rep. Miller's new bill would snuff out the legal cannabis delta-8 THC market.

In MAGA land, "freedom" is a politician's shorthand for "you are forbidden from doing anything I don't like." The latest example is U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, a far-right weirdo from Illinois, who filed an amendment to the next U.S. Farm Bill to change what legally counts as hemp.

"I am offering an amendment to close the loophole that legalized intoxicating hemp products like 'Delta-8,' which is being marketed to teenagers and children," said Miller, stomping her little white nationalist shoe on Xitter.

Right now, hemp can include delta-8 THC that gives you a nice little buzz. But Miller amendment would redefine hemp as only the non-fun, non-intoxicating compounds that naturally occur in the plant.

It's not surprising that Miller would use the pearl-clutching excuse of "we must protect the children!" to steal away people's rights. Take a look at her:

  1. White supremacist: In June 2022, Miller called the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade a "historic victory for white life," which she later claimed was a misstatement and she meant to say "right to life."
  2. Hitler fangirl: In January 2021, shortly after being sworn in, Miller quoted Adolf Hitler saying "Whoever has the youth has the future" at a rally, which drew widespread condemnation. She later apologized.
  3. Forced religion proponent: Miller has expressed support for Christian nationalism and called for restoring the role of God in public schools.
  4. Xenophobe: She sponsored legislation to eliminate birthright citizenship and restrict immigration programs like H-1B visas and Optional Practical Training.
  5. Cop hater: Miller voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to police officers who defended the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
  6. Putin puppet: She voted against providing $40 billion in aid to Ukraine and opposed Finland and Sweden joining NATO.
  7. Transphobic: Miller introduced the Safety and Opportunity for Girls Act to ban transgender girls from using bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity in schools.
  8. Homophobic: She voted against the Respect for Marriage Act which codified same-sex marriage rights.

That's Miller in a nutshell: Weed, bad; actual threats to society, good.

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