North Carolina GOP says voters have no right to fair elections

North Carolina GOP lawmakers are asking the courts to throw out a gerrymandering lawsuit because they claim voters have no constitutional right to fair elections.

As WRAL reports, the GOP-led legislature is arguing that "no such right exists, since it's impossible to define what 'fair' means."

Republican lawyer Phil Strach called the idea that voters have the right to fair elections "legal gobbledygook." Because for MAGA folks, "election integrity" means rigging the game in their favor.

Former Republican Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr is suing the state over the maps. From WRAL:

"The whole point of the districts is to give an unfair advantage to one side," said Orr, who left the Republican Party and in recent years has become a critic of the GOP. "… What's the point of having frequent elections if the results are pre-ordained?"

Because in North Carolina, it's government of the GOP, by the GOP, and for the GOP — voters be damned.

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