A book about a failed Fox host can not find a publisher

No one cares enough about Tucker Carlson for a publisher to bother with a book telling the story of his Fox-tastic rise and fall.

A few years ago, Tucker Carlson rode high on a wave of lies, abuse, and deceit. Having cost Fox a lot of money and had a number of his texts exposed publicly, Carlson was let go from his position as the largest talking head on the far-right propaganda network. Since his dismissal, Carlson has been humiliated by Putin and pretty much slunk into a corner. Now it seems a planned book by an independent author has been dropped by its publisher due to lack of interest.

According to the Schaffer, the book which once seemed important due to the Fox News pundit's outsized popularity during and right after Donald Trump's presidency, now no longer seems relevant as Carlson's fame has waned after being fired for pushing unfounded conspiracy theories as well as his personal conduct, including texts the had the media giant's management reeling.

As Schaffer put it, the book cancellation is both good news for Carlson, because it's critical of the former Fox pundit, and bad news because it shows he is yesterday's news since being relegated to streaming his views to a smaller and diminishing audience.

As Schaffer wrote, "It's a far cry from the situation in 2021, when Carlson was zooming past Sean Hannity to become cable's top talker, with a legion of fans on the right and an army of detractors in the center and on the left — and even speculation about a possible presidential bid. That's when Little, Brown and Co. tapped Zengerle, a New York Times Magazine contributor and one of the leading magazine writers on contemporary politics, to do a book on the political-media titan," adding that times have changed and there is little appetite for a Carlson book now.


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