Tiny puppy gets lost inside house walls in Colorado — but 3-hour rescue mission saves the day (video)

A tiny Pekingese puppy in Colorado was the star of a huge search-and-rescue effort when he jumped from a bed, slipped down a bedroom air vent, and got lost inside the house walls.

As 5-pound 12-week-old Archie Bean whimpered from his mysterious whereabouts, his owner talked to him through the vents, trying to keep him (and herself) calm. Meanwhile, a fire rescue team took more than three hours trying to find the little guy. And as footage shows, it was no easy feat as they inserted cameras through ducts and sawed through ceilings and walls — until finally, they spotted him inside one of the basement's ducts.

Fortunately, although shaken up, Archie Bean came out of the ordeal completely unharmed. (See video below, posted by South Metro Fire Rescue.)

From South Metro Fire Rescue:

In a heartwarming rescue effort, a 12-week-old 5-pound Pekinese puppy named Archie Bean was saved after falling through an open floor vent on the third floor of a townhome. Archie unintentionally slipped through the uncovered vent after jumping from the bed, leaving him stranded for over three hours.  

The harrowing ordeal caught the attention of the community as the crew from SMFR Tower 45, along with support from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and Plumbline Services, sprang into action to rescue the stranded puppy. The rescue operation was not without its challenges, as the crew had to navigate through the intricate ductwork of the townhome to locate Archie. Thanks to assistance from @dcsheriff and @DenverPlumbing

Via ParadePets