Poor MAGA man conks out when asked why CNN is "fake news" (video)

A MAGA mark who proudly sports a T-shirt of Donald Trump taking a leak on CNN is adamant that the cable channel is "fake news." But when asked by Good Liars' Jason Selvig what makes CNN fake, the mindless cult member draws a blank.

"Fake news, CNN. It's all fake. Fake Tapper. CNN. We're going to find out next week," the MAGA man starts off, referring to next week's debate as he parrots Fox propaganda.

"He's going to cook them. Just shred them. Yeah. Just like a turkey once again," the feisty gentleman says about Trump, telling Selvig he wants the convicted conman "to expose" CNN, "to expose them for the fraud they are."

But then Selvig asks a tough question: "What specifically have they lied about?" And, like Trump's 2020 Big Lie, asking for specific evidence of CNN fraud proves to be a real stumper.

"I don't know. I don't watch it," the dumbfounded man admits with a shrug.

Unsatisfied, Selvig tries again. "Well, you've got a shirt that's just peeing on it, and you call it fake news. So what specifically have they lied about? What makes them fake news?"

"I don't know. I don't watch it," the flummoxed man repeats. "I watch Fox News."

"Right," Selvig says. "But you call them fake news. Why do you think they're fake news? What are they saying that's fake."

This line of questioning proves to be too much for the Faux-fed chap, who, at a loss for words (and facts), completely conks out. Silence ensues, until Selvig is forced to wrap it up. "All right. There you have it," he says. Another mad mad day in MAGA world. (See video below, posted by The Good Liars.)

Via Mediaite
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