This dog getting a fake haircut is the funniest and sweetest thing

This dog named Rocco getting a fake haircut is the funniest (and sweetest) thing I've seen in a long time. Here he is, sitting up straight in a makeshift barber chair, wearing an apron cape, while his hairdresser first uses an electric razor and comb to "trim" his neck. She then gets out some shears for some "touch-ups" around his cheeks and under his chin.

The patient doggo absolutely appears to believe he's getting an actual haircut, and really seems to be into it. He sits there attentively as he's pampered, seemingly knowing how handsome he is and what a good boy he is. Viewers of the video agree, stating, "He was an impeccably dapper gentleman in his last life, you can't tell me otherwise," and "Certainly a distinguished gentleman…"

The handsome fellow is also incredibly polite, as in this similar video, he shakes hands with his stylist and thanks her when his "haircut" is done.

See more of the adorable Rocco on his TikTok.