A hilarious squirrel keeps spying on a woman through different windows of her house (video)

A wild squirrel showed up at a woman's house a few years ago — and has been stalking her ever since. In fact, no matter what the woman is doing or where she is in her house, the squirrel tracks her down — and proceeds to stare at her.

"I used to live pretty privately, but that has gone out the window since she appeared in May 2020," the woman says about the peeping squirrel, who she calls Glenda.

She then proves her point, showing us footage of the curious critter spying through different windows of the house: standing on a ledge to watch the woman sleep, pressing her snout against the kitchen window to watch her clean dishes, peering over a trellis to watch her do squats, and even staring through plants when the woman is simply passing through a room.

"I consider this a hostage situation at this point," she jokes. In reality, however, the squirrel has learned that humans are the keepers of almonds — Glenda's favorite treat. In return, this human gets hilarious TikTok content (see video below).

And if you like this clip, check out the rest at glenda_is_nuts – each is as amusing as the next.

Via Newsweek
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