AI resurrects MLK to endorse GOP congressional candidate

AI is abused to resurrect MLK's voice for a new speech, endorsing a Republican congressional candidate.

Michigan Republican primary congressional candidate Anthony Hudson started by apologizing for the tasteless TikTok video, but then he decided to double down. Rather than letting the staffer responsible go, Hudson is giving them a raise and claims MLK would endorse him if he were alive. Even the AI must feel dirty.

Hudson offered his sincere apologies and claimed he was "extremely furious about this situation." He warned, "This could happen to any of us so please be cautious and aware of who has your person information."

Just a few hours later, though, Hudson performed a stunning 180 and claimed he'd now decided "not only to keep my campaign staffer, but also give him a raise as I believe MLK would be disgusted at the complete suffering of Flint Michigan residents under the current administration's watch."

He added, "If MLK were alive today- I do believe he would endorse me and my vision for a better Michigan."


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