Explore your Townscaper towns in the first-person perspective (again)

Townscaper (previously, previously at Boing Boing) is a relaxing and perfectly-made city-building toy by Oskar Stålberg. Efforts have been made to expand it into a first-person game of sorts, and Threescaper, by Meli Harvey, is the best of them. It imports Townscaper saves into the three.js engine and lets you run and bunnyhop around in them.

When Oskar Stålberg created the award winning city creation game Townscaper, he didn't allow the player to step down from their god-like perspective to walk around and explore their creations. In response, I created Threescaper, a web tool built with three.js that allows you to upload your town with a simple drag and drop, and then explore it in first person view.

I'm looking forward to humankind achieving the ultimate goal of "turn your serene, aesthetically-complete Townscaper towns into stressful, emotionally corrosive survival horror games populated with your worst nightmares." Or perhaps a serene toy game where you maintain the Doomguy Memorial Gardens on Phobos.