Matt Gaetz says he didn't pay for sex. He's just "generous to ex-girlfriends"

The House Ethics Committee has been busy chatting with at least half a dozen women who claim they were paid to attend parties where Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz was present. These parties reportedly included drugs, sex, and at least one Venmo transaction that suggested "a payment from Gaetz was for sex."

"One woman told the committee that a payment from Gaetz was for sex, while others have said they were paid to attend parties that Gaetz also attended and that featured drugs and sex, multiple sources told ABC News."

And if you thought it couldn't get any stickier enter Joel Greenberg, Gaetz's companion in carousing and a convicted sex trafficker. Greenberg, who is currently "serving an 11-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to multiple federal crimes, including the sex trafficking of a minor whom he admitted to introducing to other 'adult men,'" according to ABC News, has been singing like a canary about all sorts of shady dealings, pushing Gaetz deeper into the muck.

Gaetz has long denied these allegations,  saying, "someone is trying to recategorize my generosity to ex-girlfriends as something more untoward." He has also compared the House Ethics Committee to the "Soviet" regime. Lucky for him, the committee will move so slowly that by they time they are ready to take action against Gaetz, Trump will be in office with a sweet pardon-for-undying-loyalty deal.

Reports of new evidence in Matt Gaetz's pay-for-sex scandal