McCarthy says Gaetz should be convicted for having sex with a minor

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has a serious ax to grind with Congressperson Matt Gaetz.

In an interview with CNN's Manu Raju, Kevin McCarthy insisted Matt Gaetz should be convicted for his accused relations with an underage person. Others have gone to jail around the incident, but Gaetz has thus far skated away pretty clean. McCarthy, who lost the job he sacrificed what little was left of his credibility to acquire to Gaetz's destructive antics, certainly wants revenge.

"We all know the challenge here, you can't sleep with under-age women and think you can get away with it," McCarthy explained.

"He denies that," Raju countered

"Well, the women don't and so there's people in jail because of it," McCarthy elaborated. "I just don't think that is an individual who should be representing in Congress and I don't think the constituents would want that either."


McCarthy is campaigning for Trump, this stuff around Gaetz is a sideshow.

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