Matt Gaetz is living proof the Justice system is not weaponized against Republicans

During the congressional hearing interviewing Attorney General Merrick Garland over the "weaponization" of the Justice system, Congressperson Cohen of Tennessee offered up Matt Gaetz as proof that the system is not weaponized.

Accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz has been investigated, but as yet, Gaetz has not been charged criminally nor held accountable by his peers in Congress. It is rumored the Gaetz tiff that resulted in McCarthy's ouster as Speaker of the House and subsequent resignation from Congress was spurred on by McCarthy's refusal to bury the probe into Gaetz. Somehow Gaetz's constituents don't find him disgusting.

"Mr. Gaetz is living testament to the fact that you have not weaponized the Justice Department. He was investigated for sex trafficking. While many expected prosecution, you chose not to prosecute this very active Republican…"

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