The hands-in challenge, but with meerkats! And otters! And quolls!

We recently brought you news of the adorable "hands-in challenge," where humans put their hands together to see how their dogs will react. 

As much as I love seeing the doggos joining in the fun, the Halls Gap Zoo took the challenge to yet a whole new level, when they invited meerkats, lemurs, quolls, red pandas, dingos, capuchins, tamarins, and more to join the party! And the result is basically cuteness overload.

Enjoy the video –which creature is your favorite? I love them all!

Hall's Gap Zoo is located in Victoria, Australia and is Victoria's "largest regional zoo, featuring over 160 species of native & exotic mammals, reptiles and birds." Visit them at their website for more information.


You have to hand it to them … these furry friends know a good social media challenge when they see it! The animals at Halls Gap Zoo in Australia nailed the viral "Hands In" TikTok trend with im-paw-ssibly cute results. #animals #zoo #news #abcnews

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