Woman jogs through restricted area of animal park — and gets mauled by wolves

A 37-year-old woman was attacked and "seriously injured" by wolves when jogging through an animal park outside of Paris.

The woman and her family had spent the night at Thoiry's safari-style lodge when she decided to go for a jog early Sunday morning. Whether intentional or not, she then entered the park's "safari zone" — an area accessible by car but which has security barriers and signs warning pedestrians to stay out.

It was in this restricted area where three Arctic wolves mauled the woman, biting her on the neck, calf, and back.

From CBS News:

The woman was rescued after park attendants heard her screams as she was being attacked…

[CEO of Wow Safari Thoiry, Christelle] Bercheny said that there were signs reminding people of the "rules of survival" to be followed in the park.

"The behavior of the animals in the reserves is that of animals in freedom or semi-liberty," she added, referring to their reaction to the intrusion of a human. …

The source familiar with the case said earlier the woman must have got through "security systems, a trench and an electric fence supposed to keep the animals in."

Police are investigating the incident.

The woman's injuries were first reported as life-threatening but she is now in stable condition, according to an official in Versailles via CBS.

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