John Oliver: Britain's 14-year decline more about austerity economics than Brexit, but all of it sucked

Britain's 14-year Conservative government (in coalition with feckless Liberal Democrats for its first term and with the support of an Ulster cult for its third) is likely to come to an end in two weeks, with polls anticipating a large Labour majority. In that time, the country has seen local government spending slashed 40%, the National Health Service run into the ground, slower growth than other developed nations and greater economic hardships during and after the pandemic. John Oliver covers the reasons in a typically trenchant segment: most obviously Britain's mishandled departure from the European Union and its bungled response to Covid, but more completely its delusional austerity politics, which ideologized the Great Recession as caused by government spending rather than unregulated financial institutions and the many bubbles they blew as a result.

With apologies, an X embed:

Apparently this isn't being broadcast in the UK due to election rules, though surely easy enough to find.

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