Marjorie Taylor Greene's performative recitation of the "Why Trump already lost this debate" talking points

Marjorie takes her turn at making excuses for what everyone assumes will be convicted felon Donald Trump's terrible debate performance.

With how stacked Republicans complain the deck is against Donald Trump, you could almost forget he agreed to these debates and rules. CNN, the agreed-upon host, is biased and evil. The actual moderator hates Trump. Joe Biden must be on some dementia-cancelling drug that Donald can't seem to find.

In a Tuesday post on the social media platform X, Greene claimed CNN moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper were biased.

"This Thursday night debate's CNN moderators hate Pres Trump," Greene wrote. "Dana Bash's husband is one of the 51 spies who in 2020 lied by signing his name to the intel community letter claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation."

"Jake Tapper hates Trump so much and has called him Hitler," she continued.

Greene, however, said she believed Trump would come out on top.

"But I have faith in President Trump," she insisted. "He's going to do great!"

This is all ridiculous, and if they wanted a candidate who could win a debate, they should have chosen one. Instead, they have a hateful, mumbling convicted felon and adjudicated rapist as their frontman.


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