National Republican Congressional Committee strikes so low it might actually be surprising

Admitting they have nothing to run on, MAGA Mike Johnson's majority in Congress is spending money on vile lies in support of their cult hero, convicted felon, and adjudicated rapist Donald Trump.

As they have no message to get out, the NRCC is suggesting Joe Biden will beat Donald Trump in the debate because he is on drugs. The ad is so awful and low that it can only be meant to reach and wring dollars out of their most hateful supporters—the reddest of the red hats. Even for the party of Marge and Gaetz, this is aiming so low and is so deceitful you'd think the group as a whole would resist.

What they suggest we all know is pretty ridiculous, and were it not for the lack of creative spelling and abuse of punctuation, it appears Jim Jordan or Lauren Boebert is in charge of the Xitter account.

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