Oklahoma schools now require "every classroom in the state" to teach the Bible (video)

All schools in every Oklahoma district must now include the Bible in their teachings, as mandated today by State Superintendent Ryan Walters.

"It is essential that our kids have an understanding of the Bible and its historical context," announced the Christian nationalist — who, ironically, is forcing students to read the Bible while demanding that schools ban award-winning novels like The Kite Runner from their libraries.

"So we will be issuing a memo today that every school district will adhere to, which is that every teacher, every classroom in the state, will have a bible in the classroom, and will be teaching from the Bible in the classroom." (See video below posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

This comes after Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a law last week forcing all classrooms in the state — from kindergarten to college-level classes — to display a poster of the Ten Commandments. Looks like the MAGA march to the Republic of Gilead is right on track.