Candace Owens: "I'm not a Round Earther… science is a pagan faith"

Candace Owens, worshipped by many people around the country for her expertise on dozens of topics, revealed another area of expertise this week. She reported that she has learned everything there is to know about geology and is now casting doubt on whether the world is round. On her video show, she said, "I'm not a flat earther. I'm not a round earther. Actually, what I am is I am somebody who has left the cult of science."

"I have left the megachurch of science because what I have now realized is that science, what it is actually, if you think about it, is a pagan faith."

What she doesn't say is that this pagan faith is what gives her the ability to broadcast her message to her throngs of followers. It also allows her to eat safe food, live in an air-conditioned home, fly around the world to spread her brilliance, and basically do everything that doesn't involve living in a pre-industrial, technologically primitive society.

Let's take a look at some of Candace's other fields of expertise. In 2018, she showed off her historian credentials when she said, "If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine."

In 2020, she put on her epidemiologist lab coat and revealed that COVID-19 was a hoax, declaring it to be the "most ridiculous scam in the entire world."

In 2022, she hung her certificate in forensic pathology on her office wall when she said that George Floyd died from an overdose, debunking the official medical examiner's report, as well as video evidence that showed the contrary.

She also has time to moonlight as a foreign policy analyst, proposing that the United States should invade Australia because it is a police state.

And just a month ago, she overturned decades of scientific research and fossil evidence to reveal that the belief that dinosaurs roamed the Earth until a great big meteor hit it is an "absurd" concept.

What's next for the incredible Candace Owens? Particle physics? Inventing a quantum computer? Zero-point energy devices? Time travel? Candace knows, but she's not ready to share it yet. She has to watch a few more Rumble videos before she can tell us.

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