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An astounding gigapixel panorama of Paris affords "an eyeful of the Eiffel"

[Editor's note: Gigapixel panorama impressario Jeffrey Martin (previously) offers us "an eye full from Eiffel" in this astounding gigapixel pano of Paris -Cory]

I shot this gigapixel photo in autumn 2018 from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Using an SLR camera and a variety of telephoto lenses, I shot a few thousand photos from both levels of the Eiffel Tower. The image you see here was shot from the top level, and you can actually see the Eiffel Tower itself in the image. Read the rest

Behold! A 400,000 megapixel panorama of Prague!

Jeffrey Martin (previously) writes, "I shot this gigapixel image last year in mid November. It's made of 8000 photos, shot with a fullframe SLR and a 600mm lens. It was shot from the top of Prague's 'Orloj', the clock tower on Old Town Square, built in 1410. The tower had a scaffolding all over it at the time, going all the way up past the top of the roof: a perfect platform for a high resolution 360º photo, if only I could get up there! I actually didn't even consider trying, as the answer to such questions is usually 'no'. My colleague, a rather more enterprising Marketing guy, was able to smooth talk them into saying 'yes'. Wow! Read the rest

Panorama: the largest photo ever made of NYC

Jeffrey Martin writes, "Here is the largest photo ever made of NYC (more than 200,000 pixels wide). Shot handheld from the top of the Empire State Building with a 135mm lens and a 50MP fullframe SLR."

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Kickstarting a 6-lens spherical 60fps VR camera

Jeffrey Martin writes, "I have been working for the last couple of years on this camera, and we have launched today on Kickstarter. It is a beautiful, small device (the size of a tennis ball) with six cameras that make a 4K-resolution, 60fps, spherical video." Read the rest

Panoramic drone-flight over Prague

Jeffrey Martin sez, "I've spentthe summer getting up to speed with quadcopters, floating above the rooftops in the early, early morning in one of Europe's most beautiful cities: here is the result." Read the rest

Kickstarting a 360' streaming camera

Jeffrey Martin of the 360 Cities panorama site sez, "Sphericam is my new invention. It is a dedicated 360º video with GPS and live streaming capabilities. Inspired by cameras that are an order of magnitude more expensive, I wanted to build something that any enthusiast could afford.

It has four cameras with fisheye lenses, connected to a device which records synchronized video from all four cameras onto a single memory card or USB stick.

I want 360º video to become mainstream. Did you ever wish you could just stick your camera in the middle of the action, and capture everything at the same time? Now you can. I'm teaming up with Shaddack one of the Czech Republic's most talented electrical engineers. We're ready for you!"

The cameras start at $600 for the first 20, then 99 at $900, and up from there (assuming, always, that they make it to production -- caveat emptor!). Jeffrey and co have built an impressive team and have a good-looking roadmap on the Kickstarter page, too.

Sphericam — The Easy 360º Video Camera

(Thanks, Jeffrey!) Read the rest

Harassed by rent-a-cops in Zurich for photographing soccer statues

Jeffrey Martin says:

I was on my way out of Zurich yesterday, and just had to make a panorama of this giant squad of footballers (some still with missing buttocks - don't worry there's another delivery truck on the way) but I got accosted and harassed by a couple of snivelling beastly rent-a-cops. They touched my camera, they started man-handling me, all of it was completely ridiculous. Any illegal activity was in fact being committed by them. In the name of who you might ask? Adidas, apparently, didn't want any photos of its masterpiece before the 10:00 press conference. Never mind the hundreds of mobile phone cameras snapping away for days, and at the same moment they were pushing me around.... Luckily some real cops came, found the situation to be quite silly, and allowed me to finally walk away without these mean guards putting their hands on me. Thank you, Swiss Police, for protecting me from the Zurich Main Station security guards!

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Giant praying mantis invades Prague

QTVR panorama of a giant mantis invading Prague yesterday at 8:30pm in the city's old town square. Link (Thanks, jeffrey martin)

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Rich B says,

We posted some additional info yeserday on the praying mantis in Prague: Link.

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