Waiting for Sluggo: Beckett and Bushmiller's correspondence

UPDATE: I was had! This piece by writer AS Hamrah and illustrator R. Sikoryak was a brilliant hoax that first appeared in 1999 in the excellent Hermenaut magazine. Forgive me while I continue to believe that it's all true.

Bushmiller 2

Unlikely pen pals: Nobel Prize-winning novelist/playwright/poet Samuel Beckett and artist Ernie Bushmiller, creator of one of my favorite comics of all time, Nancy. — Read the rest

Boing Boing's 28 favorite books in 2019

Here's 28 of our favorites from the last year – not all of them published in the last year, mind you – from fairy-tales to furious politics and everything in between, including the furious fairy-tale politics getting between everything. The links here include Amazon Affiliate codes; this helps us make ends meet at Boing Boing, the world's greatest neurozine. — Read the rest

The first book collecting the new Nancy comic is incredibly, fantastically, impossibly great

One of the great moments of my adulthood was my discovery -- courtesy of Mark's posts here on Boing Boing -- of the incredible work that Ernie Bushmiller did on Nancy from 1933 until his death in 1982. He was succeeded by a series of station-keeping cartoonists, some of whom were very adept at aping his unique comic timing, sense of the absurd, and confident draftmanship, but none of whom every made me have that aha moment -- until 2018, when the mysterious, pseudonymous Olivia Jaimes took over, kicking off a run of astoundingly great new Nancys that have been collected into one of the greatest new comic-strip collections I've read in a decade.

My failed attempt to draw the Nancy comic strip

Nancy is a harsh taskmaster; resuscitating it was a grueling task, but the challenge was invigorating and edifying. By drawing Nancy, I realized that every character (even the environment) in a strip is the cartoonist and is invested and imbued with the cartoonist’s life force.

Ivan Brunetti almost became Nancy's artist

Picture 8-14\

Ernie Bushmiller, creator of the beloved Nancy comic strip, was a tough act to follow. The artists who took over the strip after Bushmiller died in 1982 couldn't come close to capturing the sweetly painful simplicity and self-contained absurdism that Bushmiller faithfully injected into every Nancy strip. — Read the rest

Arf Forum: Unholy Marriage of Art & Comics

At left, Horror comix artist William Ekgren's psychedelicreepy cover for the April, 1953 issue of Weird Horrors. Ekgren's career is profiled in the third volume of Craig Yoe's terrific Arf Forum comic/art anthology published by our pals at Fantagraphics. This insanely eclectic collection also features George "Krazy Kat" Herriman, Stan Lee, Nancy's Ernie Bushmiller, surrealist Max Ernst, and many other great artists. — Read the rest

Nancy cloth doll kit

I like the looks of this vintage kit for making a cloth doll of Nancy. It's up for auction on eBay with a current bid of US$6.99. Of course, the Sluggo kit is da one dat I really dig. From the auction listing:

 Ebay 08991

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Ugly American comic book from 1958

Craig Yoe from the Arf Lovers blog kindly scanned this interesting 25-cent booklet called You Don't See These Sights on the Regular Tours.

It was produced when there was a lot of criticism of "Ugly Americans" that traveled to foreign lands and made nuiances–or worse–of themselves (unlike today ;o) ).

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