Riunite advertising was something out of another universe

Riunite. On ice. Who were they trying to sell this wine? These ads had me cracking up as a child. Were yodelers, robots, and folks with made-up but pretty racist accents really lacking the right choice in pink wine?

Wine on ice is a thing I rarely see, but when I do the people drinking it are generally on an airplane and headed to a good time. — Read the rest

Trippy new experiments in "Magic Eye"-style autostereograms

"Magic Eye" autostereograms were all the rage in the 1990s. You'd stare at the strange pattern, cross your eyes slightly, and a 3D image was meant to appear. Sometimes it worked for me, other times not. But in the moment when an image did emerge, I'd feel a strange meditative calm come over my mind and body, as if another universe had been revealed to me. — Read the rest

Pandemic: An Interview with The Wire creator David Simon

Danny Greenwald (@glassineasleep) is a Baltimore-based producer, sound designer, and composer. His work has been featured in such publications as The Washington Post, Pitchfork, and Vice. He makes music under the name Glassine. In this interview with The Wire creator David Simon, he asked Simon about how The Wire relates to the pandemic, The Plot Against America's critique on the current political moment, and his mother's matzo ball soup, among other things. — Read the rest