Mondo 2000 talks to Illuminatus! show runner Brian Taylor

Our pals over on the Mondo 2000 website have an interview with Brian Taylor who's attempting to bring Shay and Wilson's labyrinthine novel, Illuminatus!, to the small screen.

In December 2019, Deadline announced that Illuminatus!, the legendary underground novel, was on its way to becoming a tv show with Brian Taylor, writer/director of the movies Crank, Gamer, Mom and Dad, and the tv shows Happy!

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Mondo 2000 retrospective in Wired – UPDATED

When I saw my first issue of "Reality Hackers" — at a bookstore I was working at in high-school — I knew I wanted to keep reading this magazine, and made my boss place a big order for the next issue, which was called "Mondo 2000."

Timothy Leary and David Byrne from Mondo 2000 (c.1992)

As part of his Mondo 2000 History Project, Mondo founder RU Sirius is posting classic excerpts from the hugely influential cyberculture magazine of the 1990s. For example, David Byrne in conversation with Timothy Leary:


Timothy Leary: You say you didn't want to be a scientist because you liked the graffiti in the art department better.

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Mondo 2000 in today's context

Over at RU Sirius's Acceler8or, Dorien Zandbergen posted a fascinating essay about the early 1990s cyberdelic "New Edge" culture embodied by Mondo 2000 magazine in the context of today's schizophrenic, always-on culture. From Acceler8or:

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Advanced technologies today don't only appeal to ourselves as rational autonomous self-determined beings and as divine creators of our own fates, but also embed us in out-of-control worlds that act godlike in their totalizing powers, magical complexity, pervasive invisibility and unaccountability.

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Mondo 2000: An Open Source History

In the cyberdelic daze of the early 1990s, Mondo 2000 was the publication-of-record. Founded by our dear pal RU Sirius, it was not just a magazine (with an expiration date), but a "strange attractor" for freaks interested in the new edge of computers, pranks, digital art, fringe culture, psychedelics, consciousness, weird science, and hacking. — Read the rest

Bart Nagel's Mondo 2000 collection on eBay

Bart Nagel was the visionary photographer/designer behind the cyberdelic aesthetic of Mondo 2000, the "magazine-of-record" for early 1990s cyberculture. If you don't know Mondo, you should. Bart is now auctioning off part of his own Mondo 2000 collection, including 17 issues of the magazine, issues of High Frontiers and Reality Hackers (RU Sirius's pre-Mondo 'zine), the essential Mondo 2000 User's Guide to the New Edge, a rare unworn Mondo t-shirt, and assorted other ephemera. — Read the rest

Fantastic interview with cyberculture iconoclast R.U. Sirius

Our good friend and colleague, R.U. Sirius, spends an hour talking with Tim Ventura about his countercultural, neo-psychedelic origins, the early days of cyberculture and his magazine, Mondo 2000, the current dystopian state of online culture, and the progressive corruption and dilution of nearly everything that used to be revolutionary about the internet. — Read the rest

Doomsday glacier "hanging on by its fingernails" scientist says

Good news, everyone. According to Rob Larter, marine geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey, Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica, nicknamed the "Doomsday" glacier because of its potential catastrophic impact on global sea levels, is experiencing "rapid retreat."

"We should expect to see big changes over small timescales in the future—even from one year to the next—once the glacier retreats beyond a shallow ridge in its bed," said Larter in a press release about the study.

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