One More For the Road: The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats are back!

Back in 2007, Adam "Apelad" Koford created a marvellous, funny, weird alternate history for the then-viral phenomenon of LOLcats, running-gag memes of cats whose superimposed dialog had many odd grammatical quirks: the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats," a pair of comic-strip hobo cats straight out of the 1930s, who found obscure and clever ways to riff on our contemporary LOLcats. Read the rest

Boing Boing at SXSW Interactive

Illustration: Adam "ApeLad" Koford

Headed to 2014 SXSW Interactive in Austin this weekend? Cory, Xeni, Mark, and Pesco will all be there participating in a variety of sessions. Here's a handy guide:

* Saturday, March 8, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, SXSW Create Long Center: "Cool Tools Show & Tell" Bring your favorite tool (hand tools, maps, how-to books, vehicles, software, specialized devices, gizmos, websites — and anything useful) and be prepared to talk about it and (if feasible) demonstrate it to other cool tools enthusiasts. Presented by Mark Frauenfelder

* Saturday, March 8, 7pm - 11:30pm, Capitol Tower: "In the Future, Everything Will Work: A Cyberpunk Retrofest presented by EFF/EFF-Austin" with Cory Doctorow, Gareth Branwyn, Bruce Sterling, William Barker (Schwa) and Jon Lebkowsky

* Sunday, March 9, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, Omni Downtown: "Ingenuity: Hackathon Uncovered" with David Pescovitz, Mark Frauenfelder, Eric McClellan (Team Detroit), and Liz Boone (FM).

* Monday, March 10: 9:30am - 10:30am, Austin Convention Center: "Snowden 2.0: A Field Report From the NSA Archives" with Cory Doctorow and Barton Gellman.

* Monday, March 10, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, Hilton Austin Downtown: "Community-Building: Better than Chemo" with Xeni Jardin, Alicia Staley, Deanna Attai, and Jody Schoger.

Hope to see your happy mutant mugs in Austin! Ask us for stickers! Read the rest

Spaghetti-Os remembers Pearl Harbor in the most crass and tasteless way imaginable

Spaghetti-Os commemorated Pearl Harbor in a special way, prompting a special twitterstorm of parodies -- click through for a selection: Read the rest

Solving Laugh Out Loud Cats #2100

Apelad sez, "I posted the 2100th Laugh-Out-Loud Cats comic last night. My kids had me print it out so they could cut out each panel to try and recreate the tunnel route. It's not easy!"

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2100 Read the rest

$5 gets you this set of cat hobo embroidery patterns

Two of my favorite people -- Adam "Apelad" Koford and Sublime Stitching's Jenny Hart -- have combined their impressive creativity to produce a set of Hobotopia embroidery patterns. The world is a better place because of it. Read the rest

On the importance of correctly spelling the word "cologne"

Witness more of this at Sad And Useless. (via @apelad) Read the rest

Occupy Salt Lake City must be closed, mayor says, after dead guy found in tent

After an Occupy SLC camper was found dead in his tent, the city's mayor has called for an end to the protest. "Investigators believe the man died from a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a space heater inside his tent and a drug overdose." (via @apelad) Read the rest

Literary fail shirt!

Apelad's "Literary Fail" shirt.woot is guaranteed to assplode the pedants' heads in your life (as is this sentence).

Literary fail

(Thanks, Apelad!) Read the rest

Why kids call homeless people hobos

Above is an episode of Kids React to Viral Videos in which some of the kids refer to the formerly-homeless "golden throated" Ted Williams a hobo. My two daughters and all their friends refer to homeless people as hobos, too. I have tried to explain that homeless people aren't generally hobos, but for some reason this word seems have stuck with kids. I never asked them where they first came up with the idea that homeless people are hobos, but it could be that they picked it up from a TV show for kids called iCarly. Or then again, the writers of iCarly may have picked it up from hearing kids say it. (Personally, I blame Hodgman and Apelad.)

Sociological Images has more:

Since one girl attributed her use of "hobo" to the TV show iCarly, Josh did a little searching and discovered that the show's official website contains a set of photos of the cast dressed up for a Hobo Party, complete with captions that make fun of or trivialize poverty and homelessness, including this first one that refers to the store "C.J. Penniless."

Trivializing homelessness: iCarly and "hobo parties" Read the rest

Airplane, minus all the jokes

Airplane: A Melodrama. More like this at electronicsunset.org. Of course, many have pointed out that Airplane without the lulz is Zero Hour, the movie upon which Airplane is said to have been based.

(Submitterated by RoloD, thanks also apelad) Read the rest

Image: Apelad's Pac Man Twitter avatar

It's not the first or even the second time he's done a gaming themed take on the default twitter-bird, but it is the most interpretive and therefore kind of the best.

Pac Man Twitter Avatar [Adam 'Apelad' Koford]

Remixing the default Twitter avatar Read the rest

The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out, by A. Koford

I just got a copy of The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out, by A. Koford.

Does A. stand for Adam (our cartoonist pal also known as Ape Lad) or Aloysius (Adam's bon vivant great-grandfather)? We'll never know. It doesn't really matter. The important thing about these 150 one-panel gags, featuring a pair of wise-foolish felines, is how terrific they are, both in their warm, scorn-free humor, and in their evidence of masterful craftsmanship. The composition, spotting, and line-work would make Hank Ketcham nod in approval.

Mister Koford and his greatest fan, one John Hodgman, signed my copy of the book, and on the title page Mr. Koford also drew a cute sketch of Jackhammer Jill doing what she loves to do best. The back of the book contains another sketch of Jill, along with a thanks to all happy mutant everywhere.

I'm suffering from a head cold today, and I'm looking forward to getting into bed and reading this with my kids. Thanks Adam. You and your great-gradfather are wonderful!

The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out


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Funny new Apelad shirt $10 including shipping

Ape Lad (nickname: Adam Koford) has a funny shirt for sale at shirt.woot. Title: "Death has Keen Eyesight." Just $10, postpaid. Ape Lad Woot Shirt Read the rest

Short links snacktime

About the 2001-themed images above and below, BB reader Jack says, "Teh astronaut cat inspired me to make them." Best iPod inscription ever: It's time for hoboes to take over the US government. Dave Bullock's snaps from Black Hat hacker con, which ends today: Richard Clarke, Dan Kaminsky, Phil "zphone" Zimmerman. Booze-themed lipgloss/chapstick products seemingly marketed at tweens and kids. Earthlink wants the City of San Francisco to guarantee baseline revenue before it will light up muni wireless project. LOL. San Francisco orders medical weed dispensaries to sell fatter bags. Hey, speaking of stoners! Pro-pot lobbyists are tops on congressional softball team, ahead of teams for DNC, RNC, Sen. McCain, DoJ.

(thanks, brooklyngirl.com, Dave, and anonymous others!)

Reader comment: Anonymous says,

The inscription on apelad's ipod is from John Hodgman's book, on page 123, where he shows the hobo-sign for the coming hobo government take-over. That same hobo sign is hidden in each of the lolcats comics created by apelad. Look for an H in sunrays.

Read the rest

Apelad mistakes human female for mythical horned ostrich

(Click on thumbnail for enlargement) When Apelad saw this photo on a website in thumbnail size, he says he "couda sworn [it] was a horned ostrich of some sort." The drawing on the bottom is what he imagined it would look like when enlarged. He must've been sorely disappointed.

Link Read the rest

Space Chimps, the movie

Sweet jeebus, my prayers have been answered:

Barry Sonnenfeld will produce animated laffer "Space Chimps" along with Vanguard Animation and Starz Media. Twentieth Century Fox will distribute. (...)

Script by helmer Kirk De Micco tells the story of astronaut chimps on a mission in space.

Variety (via Defamer).

On the NASA website, read more about animals in space, and the first monkey and chimpanzee astronauts. Above, "Ham" the chimp in his flight couch, after his trip in the Mercury-Redstone 2 on Jan. 31, 1961.

Reader comment: The Junior Mad Scientist says,

Apropos of the slated animal astronauts movie: James Vinning has a graphic novel about the little critters, "First In Space" -- Amazon Link. Look well worth a read. Also a link about it at Newsarama. First Second Books is publishing Laika by Nick Abadzis, about the first dog into space. Link.

Marshall says,

BoingBoing fave Apelad drew me a portrait of Ham the Chimp, Retired Simian Astronaut for his monkey series. He's also done a portrait of Cosmonaut Yulia, the People's Monkey. Link.

Sunny says,

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to see this wonderful animal rights documentary about the first chimps in space. I don't think it was ever widely distributed, but it should be required viewing in public schools. Amazon Link.

Michael Hill says,

A few years back Aaron Seymour made a great space-chimp flick - kinda Lancelot Link meets Tarkovsky's Solaris. Here's some renders.

Read the rest

True historic origins of the Laugh Out Loud cats - UPDATED

Prolific illustrator and historian Apelad tells BoingBoing, "The truth can finally be told regarding the turn-of-the-20th Century origin of the Laugh Out Loud Cats." Snip:

Not many people know this, but my great grandfather Aloysius "Gorilla" Koford, was also a cartoonist. From 1912-1913 he produced a comic strip which was featured in 17 newspapers, including the Philadephia Star-Democrat, the Tampa Telegraph, and the Santa Fe Good-Newser. The strip was entitled "the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats" and featured the exploits of one Meowlin Q. Kitteh (a sort of cat hobo-raconteur) and his young hapless kitten friend, Pip. The strip did not last long due to a run-in my great-grandfather had with none other than William Randolph Hearst.

See, the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats was run by a one of Heart's competitors, so “Big Willy” (as Hearst was known in his day) used the bully pulpit of his media empire to hound and mock the efforts of my great-grandfather. Hearst scribes insinuated Aloysius was an actual trained gorilla and purported to have evidence in the form of banana shipping statements.

Link to the rest of the tale.

Reader comment: TK says,

Silly Apelad, he should be more careful next time. Cheeseburger was invented as early as 1924 so 1912-1913 timeline wouldn't work! Link. Nice try!

Cheeseburger and LOLcat historian Apelad replies:

Eat it, cheesburger pedants.

His evidence, in the form of an ancient Lascaux JPEG, below.

Adam Morris says,

The Laugh Out Loud Cats obviously inspired George Herriman who produced Krazy Kat cartoons in the 1920s and 1930s.

Read the rest

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