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See the Amazing Johnathan next weekend at Beyond Brookledge

Much to the delight of sick and twisted people everywhere the Amazing Johnathan is touring again! Next weekend he'll be in Riverside, California at Beyond Brookledge! Magician Johnathan Szeles is one of the most talented, brilliantly funny, brutally ascerbic, fantastically creative people alive — and boy are we glad he still is! In 2014 Johnathan […]

Drugs and Alcohol = No Job

You may have seen the Wainwright Training videos on Boing Boing's in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America. While they probably won't be offering sensitivity training, Mark Fite and Jim Turner, one-half of Los Angeles' best sketch comedy troupe 2 HeadedwDog, will be appearing at Beyond Brookledge this May, in Riverside, CA. Beyond Brookledge is a […]

Beyond Brookledge, May 19-21st at the iconic Mission Inn

Erika Larsen curates the best live shows I have ever seen. Bob Self puts on the most amazing events. Once a year the two of them throw Beyond Brookledge, an amazing private weekend of magic and mayhem.

Karl Herlinger talks to his fist

The format for Scot Nery's weekly BoobieTrap show is the wackiest I've ever seen. It's vaudeville on steroids with Nery as the amped up and kooky ringmaster. The performers range from jugglers to contortionists, magicians and poets – but the first time I attended, the standout talent was a wooden dummy named Joey and his […]

Feast your eyes on Handsome Jack and his new book

If you don't know who Handsome Jack is, let me get you up to speed.  He is perhaps the most famous male model in the world – and has made the time to be a world class magician. 

Brett Loudermilk teaches sword swallowing

Last weekend, at Beyond Brookledge, I had a chance to hang out with actor, comedian, and proud sword swallower Brett Loudermilk! Brett is a high energy, fantastic performer with a pretty intense sense of irony. He keeps me laughing. I'll keep my magic to card tricks, but if you want to learn to swallow a […]

Beyond Brookledge is less than one week away

I'm excitedly preparing to head down to Beyond Brookledge! This from event organizer Bob Self: Gaze upon this year's Beyond Brookledge giclée poster (which will be gifted to event attendees along with a few other treasures May 20-21st at the Mission Inn in Riverside). The art is by Ragnar who also created the imagery for […]

Join Puddles Pity Party at Beyond Brookledge, May 20-22

Puddles, the sad clown with the golden voice, will be one of the many, incredible performers making this year's Beyond Brookledge more fun than ever. Beyond Brookledge is an amazing collection of performances, in a spectacular place, put on by a community of artists who are just a ton of fun to hang out with. […]

See Anastasia Synn at Beyond Brookledge

This video, of Anastasia Synn performing at Scot Nery's Boobie Trap, a fantastic Los Angeles area variety arts review, gives me the willies! Anastasia's gleeful routine literally had me squirming in my seat doing that peeking-while-fake-covering-my-eyes thing at last year's Beyond Brookledge, a weekend-long magic and variety arts celebration Mark and I have both shared […]

Come to Beyond Brookledge 2016

I'm excited really excited for this May's installment of Beyond Brookledge! Both Mark and I are huge fans of Erika Larsen and Bob Self's amazing weekend of magic, comedy, variety and amazing people! In addition to the massively, exhaustingly entertaining 3 day stay in Riverside, California's Mission Inn, last year I returned home inspired, and […]

Baby Tatooville No. 9: The Grand Finale

Recently, a merry gang of happy mutants gathered for the ninth and final time to revel in Bob Self's incredible Baby Tattooville event. Over the past nine years, artists, entertainers, creative minds and enthusiasts have been gathering together at Baby Tattooville to create art, and to celebrate one another while spending 72 hours in a […]

Weekend of Wonder: The incredible animatronic sculptures of Thomas Kuntz

Artist Thomas Kuntz constructs fantastic animatronic mechanisms that recreate scenes from the best nightmares you've ever had.

The Boing Boing Weekend of Wonder is coming. Join us!

The editors of Boing Boing have always wanted to create an event where people can enjoy a weekend of wonderful, magical, mindblowing, inspiring experiences. Guess what? We're doing it, and you're invited.

49 Boxes: a most incredible shared experience

Michael Borys' magical participatory experience is art, and puzzles, and story, and music—and so much more.

This amazing print on wood by artist Zelda Devon is one of many things I loved at Beyond Brookledge

Titled “We See What We Seek,” the tale behind this work of art captures perfectly what was so special to me about this event.

Motorcycle helmet review: Bell Star Carbon, a lightweight, high-end track helmet

Bell's lightweight, high-end track helmet is well ventilated and extremely comfortable.

Beyond Brookledge – A weekend of entertainment beyond your imagination

Beyond Brookledge is a three-day entertainment extravaganza of music, magic, and performance. I went last year with my daughter Jane and we both loved it (see photos below). Part of the fun is that the performers are also attendees, and everyone mingled at meals and other times. It's hard to describe how special and fun […]

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