If the Silk Road founder had used a BusKill, he'd be a crypto billionaire somewhere in eastern Europe right now instead of serving life in prison

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht is currently serving multiple life terms in a high security federal penitentiary. He was captured in 2013 by law enforcement while using his laptop in a public library. Agents managed to distract him and grab his laptop before he could erase any of the incriminating information on it. — Read the rest

Crowdfunding powerful open hardware that is truly open and respectful of your rights

Crowd Supply (previously) is an extremely effective platform for funding open source hardware development, boasting twice the success-rate of Kickstarter and Indiegogo; it is also the birthplace of the proclamation of user rights, an outstanding document that lays out the rights of users to explore their hardware, use it independent of any subscription, use it with any other service or hardware, use it indefinitely without fear of remote kill-switching, to transfer it to others, to freely discuss it, to use it privately, and to be informed of security issues.

Interview with hardware hacker Star Simpson

Our guest on the Cool Tools show this week is Star Simpson. She is an electronics designer whose greatest joy is designing objects and tools that are useful to others, which inspire and delight. Her previous work includes research on robotics and work in drones, PLIBMTTBHGATY, an event where people convene to try new programming languages, and an electronics reference card PCB designed for Octopart, now carried in the wallets of electrical engineers everywhere. — Read the rest