Eight hours of rain and the "Blade Runner Blues" is the soundtrack we need, here in the cyberpunk now

I posted this on Adafruit yesterday, but I've been digging it so much, I wanted to share it here on Boing Boing, too. This is eight hours of "perpetual rain" and Vangelis' "Blade Runner Blues," taken from the soundtrack to the film. It's gorgeous and relaxing music to work to, sleep to, or continuously wafting […]

Listen to this 80s ambient synth playlist during your next D&D game

First Quest was an all-exclusive campaign for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Released in 1985, the campaign map and other documentation came packaged as the insert to an epic ambient synth soundtrack meant to score the mission through the hobgoblin kingdom (interspersed with bits of narration, of course). Blogonomicon has more info if you're interested in actually […]

Robert Fripp launches weekly ambient music series

Today, Robert Fripp launched Music for Quiet Moments, a 50-week series of ambient tracks he'll be recording and releasing at home. If the first piece is any indication, this will be a welcome comfort. I found it seriously lovely and soothing. Healing, even. About the series, Robert writes: "Quiet moments are when we put time […]

Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room is now available to view online

Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room–The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away is now available to view online through The Broad Museum's Instagram feed. Take an opportunity to delve into the spiritual aspects of Kusama's exploration of eternity—paired with aural selections curated by The Broad, including drone, electronic, ambient, and pop music. Featuring deep cuts […]

Tokyo Listening – an interview with author Lorraine Plourde

Tokyo is a sound-saturated city: bustling traffic, train station announcements, people everywhere, the barrage of loud adverts, drunk salarymen singing in the Ginza streets at night, and even the loud caws of the Tokyo's infamous large crows. Then there's the seemingly ubiquitous background music in shopping centers, department stores, offices, and super markets.

A brief documentary about the sensorial wonders of field recording

Since the birth of audio recording in the 19th century, people have used the technology to capture the ambient sounds of our world for later playback. With the invention of high-quality, portable tape recorders in the 1960s, field recording evolved into its own art form. Now, all of us carry high-quality digital recorders in our […]