Here are the creeps who sell ATM skimmers on Alibaba

Last week I posted about a guy who came across a well-made skimmer at an ATM in Vienna. I wondered who made such a fine looking piece of sociopathic hardware. Turns out this company sells such devices in bulk via Alibaba. Don't you love that the company is using a photo of the Australian QPS Detective Superintendent holding up some confiscated skimmers to advertise their own skimmers?

This company isn't the only one selling ATM skimmers on Alibaba. There are 12,425 skimmer sellers on Alibaba. Read the rest

ATM skimmer spotted in Vienna

Ben Tedesco of the cybersecurity company Carbon Black found an ATM skimmer while he was on vacation in Vienna, Austria.

A skimmer is a card reader that fits over an ATM card slot. It scans and records the information on the magnetic strip. Some skimmers have little built-in cameras to record card holders' pins as they enter it on the ATM keypad. If not, the sleazy criminal will mount a video camera nearby, or even install a counterfeit keypad.

From YouTube description:

While on vacation with my family in Vienna, Austria I went to grab some cash from an ATM, being security paranoid I went repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader as I have 100's of times... today's the day when my security awareness paid off! Check out how perfectly made this skimmer is that was custom made for this ATM MACHINE!

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