Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with great midrange

These Edifier S1000DB speakers will be the ones I listen to while I work.

I left my old home stereo in my old home. It was hard-wired into the walls and I didn't want the new owners to have to sort all that shit out. As I move into a new place I do not want to deal with wires at all. Bluetooth 4.0 has become plenty good enough for my daily listening.

Also: I really enjoyed my previous set of Edifier bookshelf speakers.

I gave the prior set away when I moved out of said home and into a VW Van for the summer, or I'd still be using them!

Not having the RT1700BTs any more, however, left me to check out what else Edifier might have to offer and the S1000DB caught my eye, and ear. The bass on the S1000DB is cleaned up. The mid-range is clear, warm and super well defined. I found that I could distinctly hear and place instruments while listening to music played via iTunes.

While there are many wiring options, I use the speakers via Bluetooth. I am trying to avoid wires for now. That'll likely come back to haunt me.

The cases do not look as cheap as the RT1700BT and I have also considered placing these in the living room for general household music.

While big, and heavy, if you want a nice listening experience while working on your computer all-day either of these sets of speakers are a treat, but the S1000DB are a much more polished product. Read the rest

$22 Bluetooth receiver for wired headphones

For $22 BlueAnt's Ribbon is a great choice for keeping your favorite wired headphones working in a bluetooth world.

Long battery life, big buttons, and a built-in mic for hands-free operation make the Ribbon a pretty handy device. Streaming with my iPhone is just fine too. I'm using one in my VW Van, as its stereo pre-dates bluetooth, and it is great for keeping headphones working in any motorcycle helmet without its own audio system.

The built-in mic works to access Siri, if you want to talk to Siri. Alexa plays podcasts when I ask.

BlueAnt Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer- Bluetooth Headset via Amazon Read the rest