Mysterious hole appears in the floor of a 175-year-old New England house, attempting to swallow the owner

In what is definitely not the start of a modern HP Lovecraft adaptation, a new resident was moving into a house in Guilford, Connecticut that was built in 1843. A mysterious hole appeared in the floor and, according to local police, the man fell, "into the abyss of a 20-30ft well, splashing into extremely cold water that was well over the victim’s head."

As WTNH News explained, this gaping hole was a well, actually, which was likely outside of the house when it was originally built. An addition to the house was built in 1981, but the opening to the well wasn't very well-covered — there was no subfloor or well cap, just some hardwood floorboards placed across the top of it.

The victim was pulled up on a rope by firefighters after 25 minutes in the freezing well water, and is said to have only sustained minor injuries. Whether he's been possessed by some ancient Lovecraftian evil that buried in that well long ago has yet to be discerned.

Person rescued after falling through floor, into deep well inside historic Guilford home [Alex Ceneviva / WTNH]

Police: Resident plummeted into ‘abyss’ below 177-year-old New England home [Frank O'Laughlin / WHDH]

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Barry's Irish Breakfast is a light version of my favorite tea

I was gifted a box of Barry's Irish Breakfast. It is a lot like Barry's Gold Blend, only less so.

A properly steeped pot of Barry's appears to be a bottomless black pit of despair. I have adored it for years.

Barry's Irish Breakfast is a delightful, far lighter version of the same tea. It even seems to come in the same cheap paper sack. Someone once told me they could taste the bag. I was unkind in response.

Using two bags of the Irish Breakfast does not seem to deliver a stronger brew. Go figure!

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